Texas Linguistic Forum Vol. 59.
Eric Holgate, Sandie Keerstock, Luke Pinette, and Nora Tyeklar,  Eds



Meredith McConnochie Byrnes
Learning to “Echar Ganas en la Escuela” (Try Hard in School)

Alley Candido Junior and Denize Elena Gracia da Silva
Identity Construction of Brazilian Senior Citizens

Lydia Catedral
Being Uzbek in the United States: Knowledge constraints on the linguistic articulation of identity

Evan Hugh Coles-Harris
Mandarinization: A socio-phonetic account of Nanjing Dialect’s new retroflex vowel

Brianna R. Cornelius
Gay Black Men and the Construction of Identity via Linguistic Repertoires

Kelsie Gillig
Representations of Native American Identity in Films of the 21st Century: Is their portrayal authentic?

Tiffany Marquise Jones
I’m Callin You Out!: Spoken Word as Social (Inter)Action

Jin Li
Gender Malleability and the Discursive Construction of Wo-man and Ladyboy in Media

Katherine Murray
“I Grew Up Knowing How to Talk Female:” Transgender Men’s Reported Communicative Changes in Their Post-Transition Lives

Vasilina Orlova
Writer’s Change of Language: Nabokov and Others

Katharina Pabst
Kinship Terms as Address Forms in S’gaw Karen

Jessica Ray
Local Identity on the Global Stage: A sociolinguistic analysis of Jay Z’s New Yorker persona

James Slotta
Slang and the Semantic Sense of Identity

Yuki Tanaka-McFarlane
The Sound of AjCh’oyoy Is the Voice of Them: Emotions, Identities and Voices Carried in the Mopan Maya Narratives

Mrinalini Watson
Why some voices are not heard: A socio-cultural perspective on Mumbai’s Rajasthani speech community

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